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Thin Desert Fauna: Dune Sirens

René Bull's "Salomé".
 Beautiful voices beckon the weary traveller to leave the ­relative safety of the road. Few can ­resist the alluring call of the desert . ­Presenting as ­beauti­ful specimens of a suitable gender, these ­ancient homunculi drink the souls of their victims.

No. Appearing: 1d6 HD: 2+1 AC: Naked Morale: 8
Attacks: 1 Bite (1d6) MV: As human Saves As: Magic-User
Special 1: Charm those who listen. Save vs magic or succumb to their requests, fighting anyone trying to stop you.
Special 2: Drain victim of one permanent Cha per turn, healing 1d6 hp. Last in turn, melee range, interruptible.
Treasure: Each adorned with 2d100 worth of jewellery

Lair: Cave of Eyes
Dried-up bodies of varying age litter the floor. Puddles of ecstatic tears. 2d100 eyes have been placed in the crevices of the walls, ravenous for a glimpse of their masters/mistresses.

Soft voices in the wind. Eyeless but otherwise unharmed bodies.

Rumours about dune sirens

  1. They collect their victims’ eyes, bathing in their adoration.
  2. The best way to hunt them is to let someone be entranced while connected to a long rope.
  3. Once works of art, the sirens hunger for an audience.
  4. No, they are the ghosts of unresolved love affairs
  5. Spymasters and voyeurs pay handsomely for an eye hoard
  6. Veteran ­caravan leaders fill their ears with wax or ­cotton. If you can’t hear them, they can’t entrance you.

Magic item: Never-Blinking Eye
Some eyes (5%) remain fully functional after the siren’s demise and work as prosthetics. A magic-user can spend a downtime ­period of at least a week to align herself with an eye, ­after which it can be used for remote surveillance. Takes up one memorization slot until deactivated, and must be in physical contact to be reactivated.

What is the dune siren doing?

  1. Adored by aged pillar skeptic, taking its time to feed
  2. Singing broken verses from ancient opera
  3. Takes the shape of a pc:s childhood sweetheart
  4. Presenting as the hazy memories of a night of debauchery
  5. Rearranging its eye hoard to give everyone a better view
  6. Bathing in a pool of tears, laughing with childish mirth

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