fredag 1 juli 2022

A Pocket Bestiary & A Modest Proposal

I just finished a more elaborate, laid-out version of my blog posts about the Thin Desert. It grew a bit on the way, and my plan for a 12 page mini zine became a 32 page pocket bestiary. It is free for the taking over at drivethrurpg, The cover looks like this:

The idea is that this zine will provide the moving parts while a perhaps forthcoming companion zine will detail the things stuck in the sand: places of interest, a couple of dungeons and an example route through the desert.

While most of my roleplaying related reading comes from blogs, there is something to be said for physical artifacts. While I like making things, I'm not nearly as fond of the business or logistical side of cottage industry publishing. Personally, I tend to make small print runs to share with friends, my game group and the occasional fellow traveller that I happen to run into.

That being said: My physical copies of Hic Sunt Myrmeleones should be arriving shortly. When they do, I'd be happy to trade it (and copies of my older zines) for your physical zines, scribbles, drawings, whatever.

Drop me a line at kvartstid at if you are interested!

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