söndag 13 september 2020

I Loot the Body, But Find No Coin

First attempt at cover for a possible d13 Tribes of Vacuum Nomads zine.

 I Loot the Body, But Find No Coin

Those who roam the Great Vacuum care little for conventional riches, but are by no means above the love of worldly possessions. Here's d13 things you might find on a fallen nomad:

  1. Gourd filled with (actual) moonshine
  2. Glass pearls in many different colours
  3. Chipped dagger carved out of solid amber
  4. Pet asp (Save or hp to zero and bed-ridden for 1d4 days)
  5. Jar of honey
  6. Illustrated bestiary of (mostly extinct) ocean fauna
  7. Three torches discreetly interspersed with incense
  8. Alligator boots, very well made.
  9. Deed to family crypt below the canal city of Adomdes
  10. Jade cup with motif of nursing tiger
  11. Hyena skin cloak and a Mehen board, doubling as shield
  12. Long-stemmed pipe and 7 doses of grinded bone. ­Imparts permanent appetite for Venusians as well as the one-time use of random lvl 1 spell (first and second smoke). After that, each use grants a lvl 2 spell but the smoker needs to save or suffer a debilitating stroke.
  13. Pouch of cinnamon and a jet black porcelain shell; If blown, sounds like the mating call of the cinomolgus. 25% chance of attracting that ferocious bird if in mountain areas.

Speaking of worldly possessions: Toad of Holding and Remnants of the Restless Republic as physical artefacts below.

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